Hank and Charlie

by Ryland Hilbert.

Like many people in our neighborhood, my partner and I have an immense love for dogs. We adopted our oldest dog Hank, a black lab-german shepherd mix, who is now 2 years old. Hank hails from South Carolina where he was rescued by The Animal Rescue Fund. ARF is an organization located in East Hampton dedicated to support the welfare of animals. 

The amount of joy Hank has brought to our lives is immeasurable. Whether we are taking him for a daily run on the beach or a stroll through the streets of Sag Harbor, he always brings a smile to our faces.

Our newest addition Charlie, a pomeranian, joined our family in May. He is still very much a puppy, playful and curious with whatever he comes in contact with. It was with great excitement we welcomed our new ‘ball of energy’ to our home with open arms and a wagging tail.

Our dog days currently consist of giving our doggies lots of outdoor time while we enjoy the upcoming summer weather. We usually find Charlie on top of Hank, and Hank loving every second of it.

Fun Fact: Hank is also the name of our in-house cashmere & cotton line, named after our first beloved fur baby.  Hank also refers to the yarns used to create knitwear like our subtle and soft beautiful cashmere.

My partner Brad Jakeman is on the board of the Humane Society United States. The HSUS is a nonprofit organization that focuses on animal welfare and fights against animal cruelty and neglect. Needless to say loving animals is in our DNA as a family as well as a retail shop.

At Ryland Life Equipment we wanted to offer an assortment of various dog accessories to reflect the joy that animals bring to our life and the lives of others. 

We created Whichford x Ryland, a collaborative line of handmade pottery, for the shop made in the Cotswold of Southern England. Our assortment consists of tableware and vases, as well as our simple, yet beautiful dog bowls that are available in two sizes.

Other brands we love to work with who offer our favorite canine products are Mr. Dog, Filson, Fetching Fields, Farmhouse Pottery, Mister Bandana, & Whichford x Ryland.

If you would like to read more about the wonderful work that ARF does click on the link here.




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