Introducing Nicholas K Summer Pop-Up

In an exciting collaboration this summer, we have partnered with sustainable luxury brand, Nicholas K. They have opened a pop-up store at Ryland Life Equipment, demonstrating our shared commitment to sustainability. The pop-up store will be available through the summer, providing customers with an opportunity to experience Nicholas K's unique offerings in a new setting.

Nicholas K, a renowned design company founded by Nicholas and Christopher Kunz in 2003, is based in New York. With a consistent presence at the IMG Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the past decade, Nicholas K has become a prominent brand in the fashion industry. They have been proud members of the CFDA since 2009 and actively participate in the CFDA + Lexus Eco Initiative, showcasing their dedication to sustainable practices.

Nicholas K offers a diverse range of ready-to-wear products and accessories that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elements and a rebellious touch. Their brand is known for its strong commitment to sustainability, prioritizing the use of versatile and renewable fibers that have a minimal environmental impact throughout their life cycle. This commitment has set them apart as leaders in sustainable design.



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