Two Year Anniversary

Ryland Life Equipment was started two years ago with the idea of bringing a sophisticated take on a modern-day men’s store. There was a void in the marketplace for curated mens’ boutiques in a place where women have so many options but men do not. On this idea, I wanted to bring in a product that had an interesting story and providence. 

Our first year was a whirlwind and we have so many friends, team members, brand partners and customers to be thankful for. When we approached our one year anniversary we were faced with very tough challenges and decisions for any business, let alone a small business. The novel virus forced us to temporarily shut our doors for an extended period of time until we knew it was okay to re-open for the safety of our community.

The second year of business has also been an unpredictable year. We have had to adapt and change to the “new normal” as we reference it now. 

We are happy to still be turning new corners and adapting to the challenges faced. Even though it has been a struggle, we are very fortunate to have such a loyal customer base, amazing friends, incredible brand partners, and such phenomenal team members. The people in my life have allowed this business to grow and persevere.

Recounting highlights from photoshoots and the like when I go through my phone from the past two years bring overwhelming joy. We have made many great memories on the way and have grown so much in such a short period of time.

We have very exciting news as we move into our third year and have big plans for the near future so stay tuned!

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