This is 3

This is 3.

It is hard to believe that we launched Ryland Life Equipment three years ago. It feels like just yesterday that I was frantically setting up the store and the website in time for our first weekend in March of 2019. When we first opened at our former location on Madison Street there was so much nervousness and excitement all wrapped up in one. Would people find us? Would they like the assortment? Can I pull this off?

Fast forward three years and the business has grown and changed in many ways that are beyond what I had dreamed of. Never has the old saying  “Necessity is the mother of all invention” been truer! Owning a small business in the times of COVID has challenged us to grow in a way that I could have never imagined. The challenge has allowed me and the business to work through problems and novel concepts that had no precedence. But we emerged stronger, more creative, more innovative, and more resilient. But most of all, more grateful. Grateful for the support of my advisors who helped me navigate tricky decisions. Grateful that unlike thousands of small businesses across the country we had the resources to stay afloat. Grateful to our awesome team who had to deal with enormous uncertainty around their health and livelihoods. And grateful to our amazing clients who maintained their support of the brand.

One of the biggest changes this past year was expanding into our new flagship store at 155 Main Street on the corner of Madison Street and Main Street in Sag Harbor. I’m thrilled with our new space- its historical significance, architectural beauty, and scale. When I founded the business I dreamed to curate an inspiring space and fill it with an assortment of brands that had interesting stories and providence. Along with bringing these brands to our community I wanted to create an inclusive environment that was welcoming to everyone. Our new location gives us the ability to do that on a larger scale.

I initially started Ryland Life Equipment as a “men’s” store but so many of our clients have asked me to introduce a woman’s collection. So, in Summer 2022 that’s exactly what we’re doing. Stay tuned for more exciting details!

Like so many industries, during the past three years, we have seen fashion go through a lot of disruptive change. Some of these disruptions are more obvious than others but one that I have welcomed is the breakdown of gender labels. The fluidity of fashion is by no means new but I think it is now more than ever important to create beacons in the community that allow self-expression. Fashion and clothing can be one of the strongest forms of that expression. So to recognize that, in addition to men’s and women’s I am excited to introduce new brands that are meant for everyone inclusive of gender and identification. More news on that to follow shortly.

I continue to look forward to the growth and challenges we face as a community and industry. The ability to adapt to disruption ultimately makes us stronger and more innovative.  And, as a thank you for your continuing support to us we are offering 20% off today through the weekend on all apparel. Please feel free to shop our new collection both in-store and online and stop by next time you are in Sag Harbor to say hello to the wonderful team here at Ryland Life Equipment.

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