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Bondi Wash

Bondi Wash Laundry Wash 500ml

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  • Bondi Wash Laundry Wash is 100% plant-derived and suitable for most fabric types.  High pH for superior cleaning of your regular washing with a light fragrance post-wash. Enriches with natural enzymes, this wash can be used for either machine or hand washing. 
  • Gentle, non-toxic formulation with no sulfates, synthetic fragrance, petroleum distillates, PEGs, enzymes, optical brighteners, bleach, EDTA or quaternium
  • Safe to use for babies and pets.
  • No downstream environmental damage.
  • A 500ml bottle lasts 50 hand washes or up to 25 machine washes
  • Made in Australia
  • Bondi Wash's vision is to introduce beautiful Australian scents and ingredients to the world through a range of very natural, clean products.

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