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Amoln Kassett Candle
Amoln Kassett Candle


Amoln Kassett Candle

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  • Amoln Kassett Candle's coziness is driven by a scent of fresh green foliages mixed with Greek figs, patchouli, Icelandic woods, water jasmine, galbanum, and Tibetan roses to arrive at a familiar, enveloping warmth and a tinge of independent spirits.
  • 100% Sustainable Wax, ecological vegetables
  • Cruelty free to animals, human beings, and the environment
  • Ethically sourced
  • 9.5 oz
  • Handmade in Sweden
  • Amoln Swedish perfumery brand soulfully handcrafts clean fragrances of the highest quality of raw materials with a contemporary Scandinavian design.

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