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19-69 Kasbah Candle 200ml
19-69 Kasbah Candle 200ml
19-69 Kasbah Candle 200ml


19-69 Kasbah Candle 200ml

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  • Founded by Swedish artist Johan Bergelin, 19-69 is the result of two-year creative process with artisans from all over the world. Each scent is inspired by a different era, culture or setting from Africa, Europe, the States and Asia. 
  • A blend of the finest vegetable waxes in a traditional formula from 1961 is used for the 19-69 candles.
  • Hand crafted in Italy. 
  • Candle will burn for approximately 48 hours.
  • 200ML. 6.7 oz
  • Influenced by the 60s and 70s party scene in Marrakesh hosted by YSL, Mick Jagger and Veruschka.
  • The scent is woody and welcoming with soft oriental spices. Fragrance notes include White Honey, Amber and Sandalwood.

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