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Bean Spasm


Bean Spasm

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Bean Spasms

Ted Berrigan, Joe Brainard and Ron Padgett’s Bean Spasms is the defining publication of the 1960s literary/Pop scene in New York. Originally published in 1967 by Kulchur Press in an edition of 1,000, and out of print for more than 40 years, Bean Spasms is a book many have heard about but relatively few have seen, and which--until now--has been consequently shrouded in legend. The text is comprised of collaborations between poets Ted Berrigan and Ron Padgett, with further writings, illustrations and cover by artist and writer Joe Brainard.

Paperback, 7.5 x 10 in., 212 pgs, 26 bw.

ISBN #9781887123808

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