Dream Pools: Enchanting Pools of Italy's Emerald Coast


Dream Pools: Enchanting Pools of Italy's Emerald Coast

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Dream PoolsEnchanting Pools of Italy's Emerald CoastBy Nico Maria Filigheddu, Giovanni Maria Filigheddu. Edited by Adriano Asara.

A book of inspirational pictures of pools of the Emerald Coast. Twelve amazing pools with architectural lines surrounded by lush Sardinian landscapes. Swimming pools: whether they look directly out over the sea or are set in a garden, whether they have a free form or are more geometrically shaped, whether they are designed to take your breath away or are a discreet addition to their surroundings, pools have become an integral component in the project of a holiday home and are inescapably connected in the mind’s eye with well-being and relaxation. This volume, which takes us into some of the most beautiful villas on the Emerald Coast, includes a selection of exceptional examples of pools that differ greatly: sometimes it all looks as though it was created by nature, but it was a human hand, Filigheddu Costruzioni, that selected and created the high-profile technical handcrafted solutions. A freshwater pool set in one of the most spectacular stretches of the whole Mediterranean coastline necessarily requires that it be designed with great sensibility and with expert knowledge of materials, using both the most innovative, high-tech solutions and consummate craftsmanship.


Giovanni Maria Filigheddu is the administration and sales manager; Nico Filigheddu is site manager; and Adriano Asara is production and public relations manager of Filigheddu costruzioni.

  • Publisher: Skira
  • Hardcover, 11.5 x 11.5 in. / 184 pgs / 160 color.
  • Pub Date 5/19/2015
  • ISBN 9788857224176
  • Category: Landscape & Garden 
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