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Haeckels Eco Marine Facial Cream


Haeckels Eco Marine Facial Cream

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  • Haeckels Eco Marine Facial Cream is a daily moisturiser for normal to dry skin in need of nourishment. It contains potent doses of a powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredient, which strongly stimulates production of structural skin proteins and helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes. It improves elasticity and promotes healing of scars, burns and damaged skin.It's formulated at the brand's Margate lab using Parsley Seed, Lavender and Evening Primrose Oil to soothe, hydrate and promote repair, while the addition of Witch Hazel acts as a gentle antiseptic and reduces inflammation. 
  • 60ml/ 2.1fl.oz. 
  • Made in the UK

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