Miansai Test of Time Pendant Necklace, 14k Yellow Gold w/Black Diamonds, Polished, 24in.

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  • An ode to the ancient Claddagh symbol of love, loyalty and friendship, the Test of Time Pendant Necklace will guide you towards strong and long lasting relationships. Handcrafted in 14 karat gold hanging on a 24 inch gold chain.
  • 14k Solid Yellow Gold
  • Black Diamonds
  • Chain Length: 24 inches
  • Gauge: 2mm
  • A combination of careful craftsmanship with heritage-inspired designs, the eclecticism of Miami-based Jewelry brand Miansai from the founder Michael Saiger's experiences traveling the world. All pieces are crafted by hand by highly skilled craftsmen and artisans, using the highest grade quality materials.
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